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Delivering the best of both worlds by fusing the fresh beats of a DJ with the live sounds of instruments, Sincopa delivers the best in music entertainment.

Catering for corporate events, christmas parties, weddings and private parties, Sincopa covers all types of musical settings. The signature Sincopa stage setup includes impressive lighting, and is an important factor resulting in the popularity of their entertainment. Capable of creating new and unique music for each event, they can deliver sets tailored to your needs.

Performing for big corporate names like Arnotts, NAB, Kelloggs, Audi, Suncorp, Pandora, Colgate, Hitachi, CBA, McGrath, ANZ and Lite n’ Easy this is a testament to the Sincopa’s performance, quality, professionalism and popularity.

Sincopa is truly the best entertainment solution for your next event.


Combining an Expert DJ, Saxophonist and Percussionist makes the Trio capable of producing and playing any kind of music to fit every set up.


Eli, currently the MD of Sydney’s most recognised Entertainment Company. He also has extensive experience as a percussionist, drummer and sound technician resulting in a multitalented member of the Trio. His expertise and experience makes him a leader in this field and a unique creator of spectacular settings. Having performed for big industry names, Russian Oligarchs in Turkey, Swiss Banks in Geneva and numerous weddings, he plays and important role for the Trio. With a passion of organising unforgettable music events, Eli is famous for delivering top rated entertainment that many others just wouldn’t think of. His ideas are always new and unique making him a special member of the Sincopa Trio.



Considered as one of Sydney’s best DJs, Haim is sure to pump up the music tunes and have every listener on their toes. Having been a DJ for over 10 years, he has accumulated the experience and mastered every rule in the book making his music mix simply outstanding. He also has a passion for interacting hands-on with crowds listening to his Emcee instructions and is commonly seen mingling with the crowd during the musical event as well as after the event is complete. His popularity hasn’t gone unseen and can commonly be found opening music concerts for big names like Pink and Evermore, he’s also a DJ for major companies like Red Bull and Sony. Haim is the best DJ performer in the industry and truly supreme at his talent.



Stas is a passionate musician with over a decade of experience making him the best saxophonist in Sydney. He is a multi-instrumentalist but prefers playing the Saxophone with Sincopa Trio gigs. He is talented at drawing crowds to his truly awesome tunes, which is a major element of the Sincopa DJ band experience. It just wouldn’t be complete without the sounds of the saxophone to garnish the DJ and percussion – making Stas’ contribution to the team, priceless.









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    Eli Malka: 0433 938 278
    Haim Ayalon: 0413 897 895

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